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Paramedics stealing narcotics:

Nurses stealing narcotics:

Doctors stealing narcotics:

Pharmacist stealing drugs:

Earl Stroud Commented On-2016-09-23 13:53:14
This is a great idea!
Monica Black-Saunders Commented On-2016-09-23 13:53:17
This is an awesome idea! Great website to help save lives and keep narcotics safe.
Joni Villanueva Commented On-2016-09-30 02:56:24
I am very pleased to see there is a zero-tolerance for theft and misuse control narcotic process being implemented. Now, we can start saving more lives!
John Benjamin Commented On-2016-11-15 23:23:19
We really need to get this system.
Commented On-2017-03-26 22:31:14
Commented On-2017-03-26 22:31:28
Commented On-2017-03-29 23:26:08
Commented On-2017-03-29 23:26:22
Commented On-2017-03-31 00:56:31
Robert Lastsiter Commented On-2017-04-25 03:43:20
To eliminate drug diversion this is a real solution!
Commented On-2017-09-28 20:06:00
Commented On-2017-09-28 20:06:10
Commented On-2018-03-28 01:52:32
Tom Jennings Commented On-2018-05-22 05:41:32
Great program
Commented On-2018-07-26 12:22:06
Commented On-2018-10-26 12:52:55


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